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Welcome to the Village of Port Edwards!


  Notes from the DESK of the Administrator, Ray "Boz" Bossert: (1 DEC 2021)

1.  The Village crews  are out preparing for the Spring Construction season.

2.  Our  Committee and Board meetings are conducted in person meetings  but  we will continue to offer ZOOM meeting connections for all citizens to participate from the ease of  your home. I will post ZOOM links on our Facebook page.

3. Elections are upcoming,  get out and VOTE,  make  your voice count.  we will be posting  some videos on their  stances from the candidates in the near future.

4. As always if you have a question, concern or even to identify  a Village employee with some praise, you can reach me 24/7 at 715-315-0304,  or my email at  

Lets all stay "Port Proud!"


Port Edwards is a village in Wood County, Wisconsin, United States. The village is located northeast and adjacent to the Town of Port Edwards along the Wisconsin River. The population was 1739 at the 2020 census.

Address: 201 Market Ave, Port Edwards, WI 54469

Phone: (715) 887-3512




—Quick Links—
Online Municipal Court & Misc. Payments - AllPaid 
Online Property Tax Payments - AllPaid 
Online Water Bill Payment - AllPaid 
Port Edwards Fire Department Facebook Page 
Port Edwards School District 
The Alexander House 
Port Edwards Lions Club 
South Wood County YMCA 
Port Edwards Community Progress 
Wood County 
WI Elections Commission 
State of Wisconsin 

—Upcoming Meetings—
Parks, Recreation & Cemetery regular monthly meeting - 5/25/2022  
Public Safety regular monthly meeting - 6/7/2022  
Finanace & Human Resources regular monthly meeting - 6/8/2022  
Planning, Legislative, Property & Information Technology regular monthly meeting - 6/9/2022  
Village Board regular monthly meeting - 6/14/2022  

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